The Third Way

Nebojsa Vasic


Apart from the traditional division "the teacher-centered" or "the student-centered education" the third option is, according to my mind and experience, more promising, more effective and more flexible. Namely, "the teacher-centered" education looks like an obsolete and worn-out concept, while "the student-centered" is mostly recognized as contemporary approach which must totally replace the old concept with predominant teacher's authority. The teacher-centered notion encapsulates teachers as the focal points of education. In other words teachers are organizers who rule the whole process of education, while students are mostly passive observers which active participation is strictly limited. On the other hand "the student-centered" education allegedly eliminates all major deficiencies of traditional authoritarian style fostering students' participation in all phases of education. The focus is shifted from teaching to learning (from teachers to students). The solution seems workable, efficient and self-evident - which is not the case. Instead of two extreme positions the third option emerges as more efficient; "the quality-centered education". The purpose of my paper is to prove the benefits of the "third approach" and define its major characteristics.


approaches; concepts; contemporary; the third option

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