Teachers' Competences for Educational Work

Antea Cilic, Anita Klapan, Maja Prnic


Competence is a combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivation and personal characteristics enabling individuals to act actively and efficiently in a certain (specific) situation. In the time of large social and technological change teachers’ role change as well. Modern changes in the u overall nurture and education system require teachers to take new roles. The aim of this paper is to explore teachers’ competence in the nurture-education process. The results show that teachers are very satisfied with the functioning of working with students. Most of them plan to work in accordance with the objectives and outcomes of each subject, using appropriate methods and techniques, they are satisfied with the training courses, cooperation with parents and the process of evaluating student achievement. A competent teacher should affect their work on improving the overall quality of the school as it would not only be a place of acquisition and reproduction of knowledge but also a place of interaction, communication, tolerance, and freedom of expression and critical thinking.


Competence; Teacher; Student; Educational Process; Evaluation; Quality Schools; Academic Achievements

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21533/epiphany.v8i2.171


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