The Emancipatory Potential in Drabble’s The Garrick Year, The Waterfall, and The Realms of Gold

Mohsen Hamli


The Emancipatory Potential in Drabble's The Garrick Year, The Waterfall, and The Realms of Gold Mohsen HamlıUniversity of Manouba 



Margaret Drabble's claim that she often writes a novel with a certain perception, but that when she re-reads it, she discovers another book, makes it urgent for us not only to decipher what is beneath the text, but also to examine her other claim that "none of [her] books is about feminism." Beneath the novels' "surface lucidity" run "crafted" tales of characters that Drabble often disagrees with in extra-textual assessments. Thus Drabble is blatantly prominent in inviting readers to trust the tale not the teller.

This paper sifts The Garrick Year (1964), The Waterfall (1969), and The Realms of Gold (1975) for spaces italicising women's dissent.


Margaret Drabble; feminism; feminist criticism; phallocentrism; sexual semiology

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