Depression and anxiety levels among chronic kidney patients

Selvira Draganović, Baha Kurulmaz


Chronic kidney disease is a progressive and irreversible loss of the kidney function. Besides physical and treatment complications for chronic kidney disease, kidney patients also suffer a number of psychological problems, among which depression and anxiety are very common. This all, not only make chronic kidney patients’, already difficult life, more difficult, but also further more vulnerable and at risk for earlier death. This study aimed to measure the level of anxiety and depression of chronic kidney disease patients have been measured and compared with the scores of healthy participants. Since hemodialysis is the most common treatment method for CKD, 60 haemodialysis patients at Inegol hospital in Turkey and 60 people from general healthy population (N=120) were conveniently chosen to participate in this study. Following literature review indicating possible psychological outcomes of chronic kidney failure and haemodialysis, depression and anxiety level among CKD patients and healthy cohort group was measured. Depression and anxiety levels were investigated using Beck Depression Inventory II and The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory were used (Turkish versions). Study results indicate, when compared to healthy cohorts (M=12.66, s.d. 5.7), CKD patients scored higher on depression scale (M=18.5, s.d. 7.3) as well as higher level of anxiety (M=40.76, s.d.10.7) when compared with healthy population (M=32.40, s.d. 7.8). Results of this study, next to important scientific contribution, indicate importance and the need for professional help psychological support for chronic kidney disease patients in order to diminish psychological impact of facing chronic illness.


Chronic kidney disease; depression; anxiety; chronic kidney patients; general population

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