Emine Çeliksoy


The aim of the study is to examine strategic management regulations in public administration in Turkey. At the present time, there is a rapid change process in the social, political and economic fields. An ongoing process of research and inquiry into the design of a new society that envisages sharing on a more equitable basis by improving living standards in many countries is becoming increasingly important. Whether or not the new management techniques developed to provide efficiency and productivity in management that can be applied in public administration continues to be at the focus of discussions in the field of management science. Strategic management is one of these new management techniques. With the developments after the 1970s, it began to be implemented in many countries of the world. In Turkey, strategic management first emerged in the private sector and then began to be implemented in public administration. In this study, after examining the strategic management, strategic management in the public sector and the literature from a conceptual point of view, the legal legislation related to strategic management in Turkey is included. It is a qualitative research. Legal and administrative regulations regarding strategic management in public administration in Turkey are examined in detail.


strategic management; strategic management in public administration; Strategic management regulations in the public sector in Turkey

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