Is M. Duverger’s ‘Disparity Law’ the Rosetta Stone of Ukrainian Partology?

Yurij Shveda


In November 24-25 2011 Kyiv hosted International conference "Party system of Ukraine: evolution, tendencies and perspectives of development," organized by I. F. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethno-National Studies at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The conference assembled a number of scholars from Ukraine and abroad, who are engaged in studying political parties. This was probably the first conference in Ukraine of such level exclusively dedicated to analyzing political parties, their role and place in the political life of Ukraine. The conference was unique and very productive in terms of the level of discussion and geography of participation. It has proved that Ukrainian studies of political parties - partology - has already formed and is dynamically developing. One particular point sparking lively discussion was defining the essence of the notion "political party" and whether it could be rightfully applied to Ukrainian political associations. The article suggests the author's considerations on the essence of the problem, which, in our view, is a central methodological problem (or the Rosetta stone) of the Ukrainian partology. it may be rightfully stated that the solution of the problem will influence all further development of the discipline.    


Disparity Law; Political Party; Partology and Political Association

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