Theory of Parental Investment: “Mothers are the Most Important"

Sabina Alispahić, Đenita Tuce, Enedina Hasanbegović Anić


The theory of evolution inevitably directs our thoughts towards classical Darwinist concept of the natural selection - competition for survival of the fittest. However, Darwin was trying to explain that a process of evolution is much more than that. Actually survival without reproduction means genetical cul de sac (blind road). Looking from evolutional perspective, there is nothing more important than reproduction and parenthood. Therefore, by considering earlier evolutionary concepts Robert Trievers (Trievers, 1972) was among the first authors who described basic reproductive differences between sexes in his theory parents' investment. Sexual selection is in a very gist of Darwin's theory. Understanding differences between women and men in their parent's investment has facilitated a start of human reproduction psychology studies. Reproduction task could be divided into two phases: finding an appropriate partner and raising descendants till their maturity. Men invest more energy in a first phase, while women invest more in a second one. As parent's resources are limited, it is necessary that they invest wisely into their descendants, because if they don't survive and don't spawn invested resources were from evolution point of view - wasted. This paper will analyze some of these questions by considering parents' investment theory and earlier studies on the theory of evolution.


Theory of Parental Investment; Robert Trievers and Evolutionary Psychology

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