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This paper examines the impact of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the human in Sajeev Sasi’s short story Discover yourself: A tale of covid-19 days. In so doing, the paper looks at two opposing sides of the COVID-19 during the pandemic. First, it briefly argues the negative aspects of the pandemic in a way that it has disrupted the normal flow of life and caused the death of millions of people. Secondly, the paper explores how the pandemic has also created opportunities, in which individuals reconsider their lives and discover themselves, their hidden identity, unknown potentials and their own way of life in a positive way when they are locked down at home. As to the opportunity created by the lockdown, the paper also debates the importance of a warm, secure and happy family life during the time of hardship and difficulties. The paper argues these points through the life and views of the fictional character Karihaalan in the story above.

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